Thigh and buttocks modelling massage

It is a massage based on classical massage, supporting slimming, using isometry techniques, i.e. muscle tension and relaxation, supported by a Chinese cupping massage. It is a shaping, anti-cellulite and firming massage at the same time. It is performed in series, and the amount of massages is determined individually for each client.

It is recommended that the Chinese bubble modeling massage be repeated in series of 10-20 treatments - but at least every 3 days. After this, only prophylactic massages are enough - preferably once a week.

Swedish modelling massage using royal bamboo

Bamboo massage is a massage based on classical massage techniques, stimulating deep tissues, improving lymphatic and venous circulation, increasing muscle and tendon elasticity and making the skin more elastic, as a result of which it contributes to modelling the figure. This massage has a relaxing and healing effect, relieves depression and improves overall well-being.

It is done with the help of special bamboo poles, which show a number of valuable properties, do not cause allergic reactions, do not irritate the skin and have an antibacterial effect.

The advantage is also the fact that bamboo sticks are a wealth of silicon compounds and act as powerful piezo-electrics. This massage relieves fatigue due to the so-called energy potential that is created when bamboo is rubbed and rolled on the skin.

Price list

Modelling massagePrice of 1 massagePrice of 5 massages
Thighs and buttocks massage with isometry and Chinese cupping for about 45 minutes150 zł750 zł
Swedish thighs and buttocks massage using bamboo sticks for about 45 minutes150 zł750 zł
Swedish full body massage using bamboo sticks for about 90 minutes200 zł900 zł
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