Classical massage

Classical massage has been used by humanity since 3000 years ago. It all began in China, where classical massage began to be performed as an instinctive way not only to relax, but also to cure various ailments. Today, classical massage is one of the most popular treatments and has become the foundation of many other massage methods.

How to prepare?

Classical massage does not require special preparation. However, it is worth remembering that you should not eat heavy meals about 1.5 hours before the procedure. You should take a shower before the massage. Massage oil is used for massage. During the procedure, the patient is naked or wearing a disposable outfit, the body is covered with a towel, and only the part of the body that will be massaged is exposed.

The effect of massage on the body

Classical massage has a number of positive consequences. It activates the lymphatic and circulatory system, thanks to which oxygen and nutrients enter the body in greater amounts. Classical massage also influences the nervous system - calms or stimulates the patient, causing more efficient transmission of stimuli to the muscles. As classical massage improves blood circulation, it also affects the digestive system - accelerates the absorption of nutrients and the process of metabolising the matter. Classical massage improves joints mobility and also affects muscles: it increases their flexibility, thanks to which they work better and are also better supplied with blood. Let's not forget about the impact of classical massage on the psyche: the treatment supports the secretion of serotonin, a tissue hormone called "happiness hormone", so it improves the mood by acting as a relaxing massage. What's more, classic massage has a beneficial effect on the skin: it removes dead epidermis, facilitates its breathing, making the skin firmer.

Indications and contraindications for massage

There are many indications for classical massage. It is performed for sprains and contusions of the limbs, chronic inflammation of the muscles, joints and tendons, as well as for degenerative and rheumatic diseases. Classical massage also helps with back pain, faulty postures, overloading muscles and joints, and helps healing scars. Classical massage is also used in metabolic diseases, neuralgia, and even in the case of overweight.

It is worth adding, however, that not everyone can enjoy classical massage. Contraindications, as with other types of massages, are inflammation and allergic skin: eczema, psoriasis. The procedure cannot be used when an infection occurs, especially if it is accompanied by a fever. Classical massage is not performed for atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels, phlebitis and when blood clots occur. Heart disease and haemophilia are also contraindications. If the patient has varicose veins, the massage does not include them, as well as the abdominal massage is not performed for kidney stones, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, as well as for women during pregnancy and menstruation.

Price list

Classical massagePrice of 1 massage
Price of 5 massages
Face, neck and cleavage massage100 zł450 zł
Back massage 30 minutes90 zł400 zł
Back massage 45 minutes120 zł540 zł
Full body massage 60 minutes160 zł720 zł
Full body massage 90 minutes220 zł990 zł
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