Healing massage

Therapeutic massage involves the therapy of muscle trigger points.

Trigger point therapy is a technique that uses different forms of pressure and movements in different directions at sensitive places in muscle tissue. The goal of therapy is to relieve pain and improve disturbed movement patterns. Trigger points are called sensitive areas in muscles with increased tension, which are painful under pressure and cause radiating pain and other symptoms in areas of the body distant from the irritation. Pain with radiation from given trigger points often resembles the topography of sciatica pain or discopathy.

Trigger (drain) point definition

The trigger point is a severely irritated area within the hypertonic skeletal muscle band or muscle fascia. The trigger point is painful during palpation and can lead to specific radiating pains, muscle tension of the same or other muscles, as well as vegetative reactions.

Factors conducive to the development of trigger points:

  • Congenital factors – e.g. shortening of the lower limb
  • Overload, incorrect use, incorrect postural, professional and recreational habits
  • Abuse – e.g. whip injury, surgery, repeated overload (microtrauma)
  • Insufficient load – e.g. physical inactivity, immobilization, and sedimentary life
  • Muscle activity without previous warm-up
  • Internal organ diseases
  • Degenerative joints changes
  • Segmental reflex changes
  • Stress

Price list

Healing massagePrice of 1 massage
Back massage with treatment of tensions about 90 minutes180 zł
Legs massage with treatment of tensions about 120 minutes250 zł
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