Candling or ear conching has now become a very fashionable procedure. It comes from folk medicine, already known in the times of the ancient Indian tribes of the Americas, including Hopi Indians. Similar methods were also used in India and China.

Candles used in this therapy are made by hand from the best species, delicate linen or cotton fabric, beeswax, propolis and essential oils. The candle has the shape of a pipe or tube. In the lower, rounded part of the candle there is a thin, silver plate embedded in wax. Thanks to it, the candle does not crumble, and evenly heats and conducts heat to the ear canal.

During the burning of the candle, the air in the external auditory canal is thinned out on the principle of the so-called chimney, thanks to which the ear is completely cleaned of earwax and products of sebaceous glands secretion. There is a pronounced pressure regulation in the middle ear with the effect being transmitted to the sinuses, which facilitates nasal breathing and clearing the external auditory canal, which is the main effect of immediate clear hearing improvement. The pressure circulating in the candle channel provides concentrated steam enriched with medicinal, herbal essential oils inside the ear, improving and circulating and lymph circulation. An additional advantage of the treatment is its extremely pleasant course, which makes the patient relaxed and rested.


* ear, throat and nose diseases,
* chronic nasal inflammation,
* inflammation of the throat, tonsils,
* inflammation of the paranasal sinuses,
* colds
* tinnitus of various origins,
* hearing loss
* stress states, nervousness, hyperactivity, sleep disturbance,
* headaches and dizziness, migraines,
* chronic fatigue syndrome,
* disorders of arterial circulation, cervical vertebrae,
* disorders of cranial circulation, atherosclerosis.


* various types of ear infections,
* cracked eardrum
* oozing secretions from the ear, e.g. suppuration,
* devices present in the ear, e.g. hearing aids or implants,
* cancerous processes within the head,
* allergic reactions to beekeeping products,
* acute inflammation within the head,
* high(er) temperature.

Course of the procedure

The treatment begins with placing the patient on his/her side, placing a small pillow under the head. We cover the head with a kerchief or a cover with an ear hole cut out. This will protect your head from ash contamination. Remove the auricle through the opening made in the cover. We apply cream or petroleum jelly on the entire area of ​​the candle from the side where the badge is located. We also lubricate the auricle. With the lubricated end of the candle, we close the inlet of the ear canal so that the cream applied to the ear and the one applied to the candle seal the connection. Hold the burning candle vertically until it burns to the level of the plaque. Then we remove the burning candle from the ear and extinguish it. We clean the ear gently and repeat the whole procedure on the other ear.

On the day of the procedure, do not soak the head or ears, and after the treatment the ears should be protected with a cotton pad.

The procedure does not replace a visit to a doctor. It gives a vitalizing effect, strengthens the immune system, cleanses and stimulates the regeneration process, has a relaxing effect.

Price list

Conching / candling60 zł
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